You can imagine that you will manage to see quite a lot of birds on your own at Lake Der and you are probably right but here are a few reasons why it might be a good idea to go birding with me :


=> A birdwatching guide knows the birds and where to find them, Some species are very easy to see, others are very tricky or localised and, although nothing is never sure when one looks for wild animals, your guide will give you the best opportunity to see some particular birds that you might or would miss otherwise.


=> If you go birdwatching with Birder, you will not have to drive.


=> Transportation in my minivan is included in the rates, so you know exactly how much you are going to pay for your trip.


=>You can choose either to try to see as many birds as possible or to concentrate on one or several target species.


=> If you book for a half day or a whole day trip, you can ask not to be with other birders.


=> We can decide to postpone your trip if the weather is too bad on the day you have booked for.


=> Trips can be organized for people who can’t walk a long distance.


=> I can pick you up at your accommodation within 20 km from my village (Droyes), except if you have the bad idea to stay at « Les coccinelles » in Droyes.


=> I can also pick you up at one of the two nearest railway stations (Saint-Dizier and Vitry-le-François) for a very affordable price so that you will not have to rent a car to go birding in this part of France.


=> I can help you to organize your trip (accommodation, restaurants…)