Checklist to the birds of lake Der and its surroundings

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This checklist provides birders with a summary of the species that are normally present in the lake Der area. Vagrant species are not listed here.

Names and taxonomic order follow « Le guide ornitho, L; Svensson, Ed. Delachaux, 2015 »

=> Status:

M: Migrant


S: Summer

R: Resident

Numbers refer to the months: 1=January, 2= February…

Abundance: gives an idea of the probability of encountering the species in its  habitat in the appropriate season

C: Common or easy to see on a one-day trip

F: Fairly common or should be seen on most one-day trips

U: Uncommon or quite difficult to see on a one-day trip

R: Usually very hard to see, even in appropriate habitat

H: More often heard than seen and difficult to see


For example:

Common Teal:  Status:W 9-4/R Abundance: C/U

A common bird from September to April, only a few breeding pairs.




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