Birding in October

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In October, the level of lake Der is still going down at the rate of a few centimeters every day, uncovering vast mudflats and small islands which host thousands of waders and ducks who stop there for a few days or weeks on their way to their wintering grounds. You can reasonably hope to see between 12 and 15 species of waders during a one-day trip, especially early in October. A few hundreds of Common Cranes seem to be waiting for the tens of thousands of their congeners who will arrive very soon (27,000 were counted on October 15 last year). Same thing for the Greylag Geese already present who will be joined by hundreds of others together with Great White-fronted and a few Bean Geese. Early in October, you can also expect a few migrating birds of prey such as Marsh Harriers, Eurasian Hobbies, Merlins and Red Kites. Peregrine Falcons should also arrive very soon at what will be their wintering ground but the most sought after birds will probably be the White-tailed Eagle.

I will be guiding a birdwatching trip to Estonia from October 7 to 15 but, otherwise, just call me to  organize a half-day or whole-day trip in the area.

During the Cranes Festival,  from October 19 to 27, you can join one of my half-day trips starting from « le site de Chantecoq » every morning and afternoon (booking: 0033 6 09 84 09 06 or but, if you come at lake Der later, don’t worry, the Cranes have never heard of this festival and they will still be present in November. So will I.


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